Towing Your Car After an Accident: Important Steps for You

Road accidents are every motorist's nightmare. Sadly, many people are always at risk considering the high number of vehicles traversing modern highways every day. If you are unlucky and find yourself in one of these situations, knowing the right thing to do will save you lots of time and money. You must look out for your car by taking steps that will keep it from any further damage. It is best to avoid driving until further assessment prove that it is both drivable and safe. Contact an accident towing service company to help you move the car. Here are the critical steps you should know in such situations:

Take Pictures

Start by taking pictures of the scene of the accident. Get the images from multiple angles to get a clear impression of the situation before the towing team arrive. The pictures will come in handy for your insurance claims and act as evidence in case of any legal matters related to the accident. More importantly, the images can also help you get the right services from your towing service providers. If your explanation is not clear, the provider can ask for the picture before dispatching a towing vehicle. The pictures will help them know any special equipment they need to carry for the safe handling of your car.

Find an Auto Repair Shop for Your Car

It is imperative to have a suitable repair centre where you can tow your vehicle. However, this information may not be at your fingertips if you are not a local. It is also difficult when you are short on time. Thankfully, towing service providers know their way around and will be quick to recommended an ideal place for your car. The best ones have dedicated partners who are willing to receive vehicles and start diagnosing them as soon as possible.

Talk to Your Insurers

If possible, get in touch with your insurance providers. Such incidences are the reason you pay premiums to offer some relief when emergencies happen. Some good insurance policies cover the cost of towing, so you need to contact them to offset that cost. Additionally, some policy providers can also give a waiver if you use a specific towing service.

You Need to Document Things

Make sure that the driver towing your vehicle provides you with documentation binding your engagement with the towing company. Look out for checklists to confirm all the valuables you leave in the car so that the towing company is aware of any liability that may arise.