3 Questions To Ask Your Towing Service

Do you need towing services? It could be that your vehicle is involved in a crash or has mechanical defects. As a best practice, you must interview your preferred towing service to determine if it is the right fit. Below is a piece with several questions to ask your towing service. 

1. Do You Have Any Accreditations? 

Why do accreditations matter when hiring a towing service? First, they prove that the company offers quality services to its clients. For example, accreditation from a local car club proves that members have confidence in the towing company's services. Accreditation also guarantees that the company does not engage in illegal or unprofessional activities. For instance, membership in a professional association compels the towing service to abide by a code of ethics. Besides accreditation, you could also assess the company's reputation by checking social media reviews or reading excerpts from car blogs and automotive magazines. 

2. When Will The Towing Crew Arrive? 

Most people presume that the towing crew will arrive within a short period. However, this is not always the case. For example, it could be that the towing company you intend to hire is not based within your locality. The best approach would be to ask for a timeline. This way, you can decide whether or not to engage the company's services. You should also inquire about the expertise of the towing crew. Reputable companies often have mechanics to conduct roadside repairs. It is a convenient option since you do not incur any towing charges. 

3. What Safety Standards Do You Observe? 

Car towing and recovery can be a risky affair. It is especially so if your vehicle breaks down or suffers an accident on a busy highway. Therefore, ask the company to detail the safety measures it observes to prevent accidents. For instance, the towing crew could contact local traffic police to inform them about the accident. The professionals must also secure the accident scene before attempting to recover or tow the vehicle away. For example, they could place cones and emergency lighting to warn other motorists of an accident. They should then examine the car damage to establish the probability of secondary accidents such as fires. For instance, if the vehicle has a leaking fuel tank, the towing crew could drain the fuel to prevent fires. Finally, the professionals must secure the car on the tow truck to prevent it from slipping during towing. 

When hiring a towing service, inquire about accreditations, response time and safety standards.