Horse Float Servicing: Signs That You Need Expert Repairs on Your Horse Float

Horse floats mostly go through bumpy roads, and they are exposed to outdoor elements like the rain and sun. Also, as a horse owner, you want to protect your animals while on transit. These factors make horse float maintenance quite necessary. Professionals recommend getting your horse float serviced at least once a year. However, there are times you'll need urgent horse float servicing. 

Many things can go wrong on your farm with a broken horse float. So when the trailer develops issues, you need to call your mechanic for repairs right away. If not so, you should call your towing service to take it to your auto repair shop. Some top indications that your trailer needs fixing include:

Reduced Tyre Pressure

Before loading anything into your float, it is vital to examine the tyre pressure. All tyres must have the same pressure to balance out the weight evenly. If any of the tyres don't have the correct pressure, you'll need to add or reduce the air as needed. However, low tyre pressure might indicate that the tyres are leaking or punctured. If the issue is persistent, it is advisable to visit your mechanic to examine the tyres properly. 

It is also vital to examine the float's spare tyre to ensure it is adequately inflated and usable in an emergency. Fixing all issues with the tyres increases your safety when on the road and reduces excessive wear and tear. 

Rusted or Loose Floorboards

It is always crucial to ensure the floors are strong before using your horse float. Check for any signs of rusting or rotting on the floors. You should also walk around on the float to feel if any boards are loose or weak. Transporting your horse with such issues increases the risk of injury. If the damage is extensive, horse float servicing and repair might be essential at that point. 

Inefficient Electrical System

The electrical system of your horse float is vital for safety and efficiency while on the road. Therefore, you need to ensure the electrical coupling is in good shape every time you are hauling the trailer. Some signs that your electrical system needs repairs include dimming lights and faulty brakes. Trained and experienced repair professionals are best suited to handle issues with the float's electrical system. 

When you notice any of the signs above, your horse float is due for repair. It might be crucial to call a towing service to transport the trailer to a local horse float servicing shop. A professional towing expert will transport it safely without causing additional damage.