Towing Your Car After an Accident: Important Steps for You

Road accidents are every motorist's nightmare. Sadly, many people are always at risk considering the high number of vehicles traversing modern highways every day. If you are unlucky and find yourself in one of these situations, knowing the right thing to do will save you lots of time and money. You must look out for your car by taking steps that will keep it from any further damage. It is best to avoid driving until further assessment prove that it is both drivable and safe. Read More 

4 Money-Saving Tips For Car Owners When Looking For Towing Services

When a car unexpectedly breaks down in the middle of a road and cannot move any further, a driver needs to call a towing service to take the vehicle to the nearest auto shop. Towing is a cost-effective and convenient way of moving a car to a service centre without wasting too much time. Here are some money-saving tips for car owners when looking for towing services. Insurance -- Most car insurance plans come with roadside assistance. Read More