4 Money-Saving Tips For Car Owners When Looking For Towing Services

When a car unexpectedly breaks down in the middle of a road and cannot move any further, a driver needs to call a towing service to take the vehicle to the nearest auto shop. Towing is a cost-effective and convenient way of moving a car to a service centre without wasting too much time. Here are some money-saving tips for car owners when looking for towing services.

Insurance -- Most car insurance plans come with roadside assistance. Also, some used or new cars with a warranty include roadside assistance services. Such add-on services include towing your car to a dealer-approved mechanic or an insurance-approved garage. One caveat about such a towing service is that a car is towed to the nearest car dealer or mechanic. Therefore, if you have a specific car repair shop that you prefer, you might incur extra towing charges. However, roadside assistance is helpful in case your car breaks down, and you need emergency towing services. Therefore, car owners should think about adding a  towing assistance option to their comprehensive insurance package to enjoy the add-on service.

Discounts -- Some towing companies offer discounts to their members. Therefore, enrol as a member with your preferred towing service provider and benefit from subsidized rates. When you register as a member, you are required to pay a small monthly fee. But when you need to tow your car, the final amount charged is heavily subsidized. Apart from towing companies, you can also enjoy towing discounts when you join some automotive clubs or associations.

Choose a Solid Towing Plan -- There are various roadside assistance programs that car owners can choose from, and these include towing services. However, beginners must find out if the program covers a driver or a vehicle. An excellent towing plan should cover a car no matter who drives it. For example, if your spouse is driving your car, and it develops a mechanical problem, a good roadside assistance plan should offer towing services for the vehicle without any complications. When you drive a rental or a friend's vehicle, the towing plan should remain valid.

Distance and Vehicle Size -- If a towing vehicle travels a great distance to get to your car, you are likely to incur high towing charges. Notably, towing charges are determined by the distance from a breakdown point to your preferred mechanic. Therefore, always opt for a local towing company that charges a fixed rate up to a certain distance. Besides, if you have a large vehicle, expect to pay more for towing because of the special tools and towing equipment required.

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