Towing Done Right: Why You Should Choose Flatbed Towing Services

If your vehicle breaks down, you need an effective towing solution to get it to a mechanic. There are many different types of tow trucks are available. Depending on the size and type of your vehicle, flatbed towing may be the best available option.

Flatbed towing refers to putting your vehicle on a flat surface and loading it onto the back of a tow truck. In this way, the entire vehicle is carried throughout the journey.

There are other types of towing that are also used:

  • Tow dollies

The two front wheels are hooked on a dolly for towing purposes. The back wheels are left in contact with the road.

  • Hook and chain:

As it sounds, hooks and chains are attached to the vehicle's frame during towing. All four wheels remain in contact with the road.

Flatbed towing service has many benefits over other types of towing.

1. Prevents wear and tear to your vehicle

Because the entire vehicle is being carried, there is no wear and tear occurring on your tyres or transmission system. Alternative towing methods expose your car to various risks while on the road. For example, the hook and chain method may cause damage to the axle and frames of your vehicle.

If the tow truck needs to brake suddenly, the tension on hooks and chains may dent your frame and/or axle. Furthermore, towing on a poorly maintained road can expose your vehicle to frequent bumps and holes during the journey.

2. It is faster

Flatbed towing gets your vehicle to its destination in a quick and efficient manner. Once your car is loaded on the back of the tow truck, the driver simply needs to drive to your desired location.

With other types of towing, the road condition and distance of the journey will affect travel times. Roads with sharp corners or slippery slopes will cause the truck driver to carefully navigate each turn. And because of the load behind the truck, drivers often need to exercise caution when taking sharp turns or navigating slippery roads.

3. Provides a safer towing experience

With flatbed towing, there is minimal risk of the vehicle becoming loose and falling off the truck. Most flatbed towing trucks firmly strap all 4 wheels of the vehicle in place. In contrast, other towing methods can only strap the two front wheels. This increases the risk of your car swaying out of position while on the road.

 4. More accessibility

Flatbed towing can be used in many different situations. If your vehicle is located in an area that's difficult to access, it can be loaded onto the back of a truck and transported to your desired location. In addition, vehicles that have damaged axles or frames can also be towed to a repair shop or junk site without any complications.