Emergency Towing Services

Have you ever imagined life without cars, buses or motorcycles?  If vehicles would disappear, movement, socialization and adventure would be adversely limited. Vehicles for a fact, make life easy. However, just like any other machinery vehicles tend to break down for various reasons. If your vehicle breaks down without warning, you might need the services of a reliable 24-hour towing service.

Types of tow trucks

Towing services can be quite handy when you find yourself in a rather 'helpless' situation, where your car won't move yet you have to get to work or worse, you are stuck in the middle of no-where! In such situations towing trucks might be used to get you 'out of the mad' quite literally. There are various types of towing trucks, and they are each designed to carry out specific tasks. For example;

  • Flat Bed Trucks are well-designed to tow vehicles with crackdown problems or have been involved in major accidents.
  • Integrated tow trucks are specialized trucks designed to have amplified recovery and pulling power system for heavy-duty ferrying purposes. These are usually used in the vehicle shipping industry.
  • The Hook and Chain Tow Truck, as its name suggests, hooks the vehicle at the bumper via a chain. They are designed to carry wrecked vehicles to junkyards.
  • Wheel-Lift Tow Trucks work similar to the Hook and Chain Tow trucks though they hook the damaged vehicle at the wheel axle.

Why would a vehicle need Towing?

If you have been involved in an accident and your vehicle has sustained serious damage, it might need to be towed. Also, your vehicle might have a serious or even small mechanical issue that has immobilized it. In such instances, a 24-hour towing Service Company can get your immobile vehicle to the nearest mechanic or dealership.  In both of these cases flatbed trucks are usually used.

More than just towing services!

There are some towing service companies that offer more than just towing your vehicle. For instance, there are some professionals who will offer you key replacement services on site, in case the problem is lost car keys. Other services that may be offered include, tire change emergency fuel, unfreezing "frozen" locks and even parts delivery.

If you have a vehicle or a motorcycle, it is important that you always have the contacts of a reputable emergency towing company. This is because, accidents do not announce themselves and you might find yourself in need of a 24-hour towing professional.